Shine your light

Your brand

Build a brand your ideal customers will love. All you need to represent your business intentionally & consistently.

Does this sound like you?

You can't seem to talk about your business and tell other people what you do effectively.

You know you're great at what you do and you could make a real difference but no one thinks they need what you're selling.

You have a logo and you know you need to develop a brand but aren't sure where to start.

You're working hard on your marketing but it isn't instantly recognisable and you know you're losing potential customers.

You do what you do but have never thought about why you do it and it shows.

You can't seem to get things out in a way that really reflects you and it all feels bland and ineffective.

You know there's more to you and what you can offer your customers but you can't pin it down.

Your business and marketing lack the sparkle and emotion you see in other people's.

You've hired other people to do your marketing and what they're producing doesn't feel right.



When you shine your light you'll...

...Know how to talk about your business so that everyone gets what you do and speaks to the heart of your ideal customer.

...Have developed your brand so you have all the answers you need to hand, helping you confidently build your business.

...Create instantly recognisable, professional-looking marketing that helps people know, like and trust you.

...Be able to work from a place of heartfelt meaning and purpose, that resonates with your audience.

...Speak and write as yourself, pouring your passion into your words so they spark an emotional response.

...Keep your brand strong and clear, no matter who's doing your marketing, design, writing your copy and posts.

...Become a beacon that attracts your ideal customers and keeps them coming back to you.


Build a brand that reflects you, your passion for your work and speaks to the heart of your ideal customer.

Working together

Together we'll uncover what's important to you and put everything together. I'll support you with 1-2-1 coaching to help you confidently build your brand.

Time for you

Some things are better done when you've got time to reflect, because you're the one with the answers. I'll give you exercises that will help you get where you want to be.

Done for you

I'll take everything that comes out of the work you do and put together your brand guidelines and perfect customer persona.

How it all comes together...

What's working, what's not

We start with a 90-minute chat to go through where you are right now, including all about your business and the market you're in. We'll discuss what's involved in creating your brand, and agree on your next steps.

Your brand foundations

You'll work through a few exercises looking at the journey you've taken that has bought you to this point in your life and your business. Together we'll discuss what you want to bring forward to create the foundations you'll use to build your brand on.

Finding your spark

You take time to find out what motivates you, why you want to have your own business and what it is you want to work towards, using exercises I'll give you. We'll catch up afterwards to go through your results, discuss how you'll use the outcomes to propel you forwards.

Your perfect persona

You'll do some preparation and then together we'll work out your perfect persona - who your ideal customer is - or perhaps you have more than one! Your perfect persona helps you get to know your customer better than your best friend, giving you the basis for effective marketing messages, blog and social media post ideas and how to create products and services your customers want and need. 

Building your brand

Taking what you've done so far, we'll create your brand strategy and personality - everything you do, write and say should align with this so that you're consistently building a clear picture in the hearts and minds of your audience while strengthening your message. This will help you create a distinctive identity that stands out because it's clear, confident and creates an emotional bond with your ideal customers. 

Shine your light consistently

You'll go through what you've created in the past and pull out the information we need to create rules that will make your brand visually consistent and instantly recognisable. But looks aren't everything! We'll also create your content pillars so your posts and other content are in tune with what your customers want and need, helping you reinforce your reputation in your field and specialism.

Your beacon brand

We'll go through the brand guidelines that will include your perfect persona together and create a plan for you to take action and put it to use. We'll also book in the next 2 catch-up sessions so that you know you have support when you need it - and to help keep you on track.

Shine your light


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Shine your light


Each month for 4 months

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Build a brand that reflects you, your passion for your work and speaks to the heart of your ideal customer.

  • 9 individual coaching sessions
  • Reusable tools & exercises
  • Brand guidelines
  • Perfect customer persona
  • Achievable in 4-18 weeks