Light up their life

Your customers

Create a customer experience that will keep your customers coming back to buy from you time and time again.

Does this sound like you?

You've started your business but you're struggling to attract any customers.

You're doing everything the experts say you should but none of it seems to be working.

You're spending more than you want to, trying every solution to increase sales.

You're overwhelmed by all the marketing theory out there and can't seem to put it into action.

You've been focusing so much on getting new customers you've neglected your past customers.

You're getting some leads coming in, but not as many of them are converting as you'd like.

You want to create a special experience for your customers so they return and recommend you.


When you light up their lives you'll...

...Attract your ideal customers by having the right marketing message in the right place at the right time.

...Know your ideal customer better than your best friend, be able to sell them what they want and give them what they need.

...Create an experience for your customers that keeps them coming back to you.

...Understand what to improve to keep your customers happy - and how to do it.

...Receive 5⭐ reviews and raving testimonials from delighted customers that are recommending you to their friends.



Give your customers an experience that they'll love, remember, repeat and recommend!

Working together

Together we'll uncover everything you know about your customers. I'll support you with 1-2-1 coaching to help you build a customer experience they'll love.

Time for you

Some things are better done when you've got time to reflect, because you're the one with the answers. I'll give you exercises that will help you get where you want to be.

Done for you

I'll use your knowledge to create your perfect customer persona, customer journey and touchpoint maps.

How it all comes together...

What's working, what's not

We start with a 90-minute chat to go through where you are right now, including all about your business and the market you're in. We'll discuss how we're going to approach improving your customer experience and agree on your next steps.

Your perfect persona

You'll do some preparation and then together we'll work out your perfect persona - who your ideal customer is - or perhaps you have more than one! Your perfect persona helps you get to know your customer better than your best friend, giving you the basis for effective marketing messages, blog and social media post ideas and how to create products and services your customers want and need. 

Customer reflections

You'll gather your customer feedback, testimonials and reviews so we can go through them and see what your customers love and what needs improving. Don't have many or any yet? Then we'll look at how you can research your customers, gather their feedback, encourage them to leave reviews and write glowing testimonials. I'll help you put together what's needed and we'll catch-up again when you have the feedback you need to get a fresh perspective of your business.

Getting your 5⭐ shining brightly

Following on from a bit of preparation you'll need to do, together we'll plot out your customers' journey from realising they need what you offer through how they research their options, discover you, decide who to buy from, make their purchase and become a loyal, valued customer. We'll also look at your touchpoints - all the different ways your customers come into contact with your brand - across the journey. Understand your business and marketing from your customers' perspective so you can truly serve them. This is a double-length session or split out over 2!

Plan to shine brighter

We'll go through the customer journey and touchpoint maps and create an actionable plan for you to take your customer experience from amazing to blazing! 

Light their way to you

You'll complete a few exercises to align your heart and mind with your business and customers. Then we'll create your marketing plan and your content pillars so your posts and other content are in tune with what your customers want and need, helping you reinforce your reputation in your field and specialism, attract new customers and keep your customers coming back for more. We'll also book in the next 2 catch-up sessions so that you know you have support when you need it - and to help keep you on track.

Light up their life


Single payment

Sessions at your pace - subject to availability

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Light up their life


Each month for 5 months

Sessions will be spread across a minimum of 5 months

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Give your customers an experience that they'll love, remember, repeat and recommend!

  • 10 individual coaching sessions
  • Reusable tools & exercises
  • Perfect customer persona
  • Customer journey map
  • Marketing plan
  • Achievable in 7-20 weeks