Light your path

You & your business

Everything you need to confidently lead your business. Your plan based on your time and what success looks like to you.

Does this sound like you?

You want to start a business but aren't sure where to begin.

You've been in a business a while and it's never been as successful as you'd hoped.

You're working every hour you can and still can't seem to get it all done.

You can't work out what you should be charging, or are competing on price & can't make a living.

You don't love your business as much as you thought you would.

You're struggling with putting yourself out there & marketing your business.


When you light your path you'll...

...Know what motivates you and be able to find your focus - your first step to creating your own business.

...Understand the businesses you'll be competing against and the opportunities for you.

...Have an easy to follow plan for your time that brings balance to your life.

...Realise your value and be able to set your price without feeling guilty.

...Step into your role as the CEO confidently, ready to be the face & voice of your business.


Gain the clarity & confidence you need to lead your business.

Working together

Together we'll uncover what's working & what's not. I'll support you with 1-2-1 coaching to help you confidently build the business you've always wanted.

Time for you

Some things are better done when you've got time to reflect, because you're the one with the answers. I'll give you exercises that will help you get where you want to be.

Done for you

I'm going to be digging around researching your space so that I can give you a view of who you're competing against & what opportunities there are for your business to stand out.

How it all comes together...

What's working, what's not

We start with a 90-minute chat to go through where you are right now, including all about your business and the market you're in. We'll discuss how we can set you back on your path, and agree on your next steps.

Finding your spark

You take time to find out what motivates you, why you want to have your own business and what it is you want to work towards, using exercises I'll give you. We'll catch up afterwards to go through your results, discuss how you'll use the outcomes to propel you forwards.

Taming your time

You'll do some preparation and then together we'll work out your perfect week, giving you a sense of balance and time to get things done.

Your value, your price

If you offer your customers a service based on your years of experience, knowledge and expertise, then we'll work out what you should be charging them. You'll need to do some work before so that we have your numbers to hand.

Shine your light with confidence

We'll look at what's holding you back and using various exercises we'll build your confidence so that you can stride into the spotlight. This will involve at least 3 1-2-1s so we may combine some confidence work with other sessions.

Your opportunities to outshine the competition

We'll go through my review of your market place and my recommendations for how you can stand out from your competitors.

Light your path


Single payment

Sessions at your pace - subject to availability

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Light your path


Each month for 3 months

Sessions will be spread across a minimum of 3 months

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Gain the clarity & confidence you need to lead your business

  • 8 individual coaching sessions
  • Reusable tools & exercises
  • Market opportunities review
  • Lead with clarity & confidence
  • Achievable in 4-12 weeks